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Q: Didn’t you test old-gen consoles to keep tabs on the experience?

A: We did. As it turned out, our testing did not show many of the issues you experienced while playing the game. As we got closer to launch, we saw significant improvements each and every day, and we really believed we’d deliver in the final day zero update.

So new year same old lies from this pos company. Consoles aren’t PCs. If they played this game on a base PS4 and base Xbox One then it is impossible they didn’t see the problems that people have with them. We’re not talking about some random bug we’re talking about horrible framerate, textures that take forever to load, poor visuals, horrible bugs, and so much more. It’s one lie after another with them. It’s also ridiculous that they act like this game is perfect on PC when it’s full of bugs, poor AI, a lifeless world, and so on on there too.



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